Amazon FBA Prep Services

Superton team will conduct a detailed inspection of your package, even to the extent of the product inspection. Being located in Shenzhen China enables fast returning damaged products and replacing them with new ones – without expensive shipping costs and long waiting.

Your contracted supplier can send the goods to our warehouse where you can keep the inventory for 15 days without charge  (the shipping cost inside China is not expensive). Superton will make the quantity is as you ordered and the packaging is intact.

Superton is able to deliver your freight from China to the Amazon warehouses around the globe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, European countries, by air, by sea, by truck.

  • Air Freight
  • · Sea Freight
  • · USA Domestic Shipping

Product Sourcing
Sourcing the right product will be the key to win on the Amazon marketplace, we work with our VIP customers to find the right manufacturers, to design, produce the winning products.

  • Product Sourcing
  • Manufacture Coordination
  • R&D insights sharing

Superton team has always been very helpful, from shipping every single package to finding the right people for us.

— Martin Clifton

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