How to calculate shipping costs 

Since we’ve known how to find products in 1688 and ship them to the US, it’s imperative to find out further information related to imputed freight. There are four different ways to calculate prices on cross-border transport. Do you want to know more? Follow me to make it clear. 1. Dedicated line packets cost FirstContinue reading “How to calculate shipping costs ”

Indiegogo\Kickstarter Crowdfunding Shipping, What to do?

Crowdfunding shipping solution. I’m sure by the time you’re reading this, your Kickstarter/Indiegogo crowdfunding project is probably about to end, or has already ended. Because most of the crowdfunding projects I’ve come across, in the early days, basically didn’t think about shipping. This is certainly not just the case for crowdfunding projects, but for manyContinue reading “Indiegogo\Kickstarter Crowdfunding Shipping, What to do?”

You need to rethink your China sourcing Strategy

GLOBAL COMMERCE IS CHANGING this is an age of fast-changing, the way we communicate, work, play, and the way we do business have been changing rapidly these few decades too, and it will continue to change globally. In recent few years, we have seen a tremendous change in international trading, especially buying from China. WhatContinue reading “You need to rethink your China sourcing Strategy”