How much does it cost to ship good to Germany

In the last article, we’ve known how to calculate freight shipping to the UK. Likewise, I’ll show you how to calculate the cost of shipping goods to Germany. Don’t be afraid of figures, here we go! How to choose the best way to ship from China to Germany? The best way to ship between ChinaContinue reading “How much does it cost to ship good to Germany”

How much does it cost to ship goods to the UK?

Before mailing express delivery, I believe that many people will know the cost of sending their products abroad in advance, and hope to mail the goods to the designated destination at a cheaper price. There are usually four ways at large to calculate the freight. Today we are going to introduce three of them toContinue reading “How much does it cost to ship goods to the UK?”

Shopify Warehousing Service in Shenzhen China

Superton is able to provide Shopify warehousing service in Shenzhen China. Running Shopify’s e-Commerce business, one of the keys is inventory management and order delivery/fulfillment which may impact the performance of Facebook ads and Paypal. In the worst scenario, if the delivery failed to match the requirements, you may end up losing your store asContinue reading “Shopify Warehousing Service in Shenzhen China”