How much does it cost to ship good to Germany

In the last article, we’ve known how to calculate freight shipping to the UK. Likewise, I’ll show you how to calculate the cost of shipping goods to Germany. Don’t be afraid of figures, here we go!

How to choose the best way to ship from China to Germany?

The best way to ship between China and Germany will depend on a number of factors:

  • The type of goods you are shipping
  • How quickly you need your goods
  • The load of your goods (size and weight)
  • And your budget

Depending upon your unique requirements, importers have various shipment options to consider when shipping from China to Germany, including

  1. dedicated line packets
  2. Air Express
  3. Air Freight
  4. Sea Freigh

1.Dedicated line packets cost.

General small pockets(not include electronic products)

Check the above “electronic products-including” form, since the electronic products are of certain danger, it’s quoted price is much higher.

Example1, just think about it: if I have a parcel carrying some electronic products with a volume of 32*30*28cm, which weighs 3.8 kilograms, how much should I pay for it?

  • step1. Examine the weight

Generally, we usually take volume weight and actual weight into consideration, and the larger weight will be taken between actual weight and volume weight which we have introduced before.

volume weight (kg)= 32 (cm)× 30 (cm)× 28 (cm)/8000=3.36kg

Refer to: volume weight (kg)= length (cm)× width (cm)× height (cm)/8000.

Actual weight(kg)=3.8kg

Volume weight < Actual weight, so we choose actual weight to calculate cost

  • step2. calculate total fee

As you can see, 3.8kg belongs to the third rank (2.001-30KG), and It costs 80.6 yuan per kilogram according to the form, than add the operating cost and you will get the total fee.

Total fee=3.8kg×80.6+22=328.28RMB=$67.7

In the same way, we can get a cost calculation formula:

The total cost = the weight of the package × corresponding cost standard+ operating cost

2. International Express

For small packages, the price will have an advantage if it weighs about 0-5kg. However, as for parcels weighing above 5kg, the rule of thumb is to choose international express, which is much more economical. Express shipping involves the transport of goods by popular global couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Not only do they handle all logistics and transport, but express shipping is also an “all-included” and “door-to-door” service, meaning once your order is placed, the courier will handle every last detail of shipment, including customs clearance until your products arrive at their designated delivery address. 

 Example2, if you have a small batch of cargo weighing 42kg with a volume of 72*70*68cm, and you want to send them to the UK, how much should you pay?

step1, volume weight (kg)= 72 (cm)× 70 (cm)×68(cm)/8000=42.84kg 

Refer to: volume weight (kg)= length (cm)× width (cm)× height (cm)/8000. 

Actual weight(kg)=42kg

Volume weight > Actual weight, so we choose volume weight to calculate the cost.

step2, check the form above, and you will know the charge is 46RMB/KG

 Total fee=42.84×46=1970.64RMB=$407


3. Air freight costs 

 Generally, small batches of goods less than 45 kg are sent by international express, while large batches of goods larger than 45 kg are generally sent by international air.


Example3, if I have a consignment of cargo including some bamboo and wood products with a volume of 77*76*70cm that weighs 52 kilograms, and I want a free customs clearance fee service. How much should I pay for it?


 volume weight (kg)= 77 (cm)× 76(cm)×70(cm)/8000=51.205kg 

Actual Weight(kg)=52kg

Volume weight & Actual weight, so we choose actual weight to calculate the cost.

step2, check the form above, and you will know the charge is 64.5 RMB/KG

 weight fee=52×65.5=3406RMB=$703

 Additional fee=2×52=104RMB=$22

Total fee=3406+104=3510RMB=$725

4. Ocean freight shipping costs

As you can see, China and Germany are geographically far away from each other, and shipping is not an advantage. Trade between the two countries is usually done by air and by the China-Europe freight train. However, as for some specific cargos, ocean shipping still works.

For more details about ocean freight shipping , please refer to the following article:


Thank for your reading, for those more complex charges, it’s suggested to consult customer service. The above is just some reference.

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