The Best Shopify China Shipping Solutions

Superton DTC shipping solution

There are quite many sellers who source from AliExpress, then resell them on Shopify. However, as more and more dropshippers are flooding into this business, sourcing AliExpress becomes less profitable or even no profit to operate given the increasing Facebook ads cost. Therefore, there are sellers are turning to source from independent sourcing agents which buys from 1688 or Pinduoduo other wholesale platforms in the Chinese language.

Then you will find that, AliExpress Standard Shipping is no longer available. So besides the shipping service from AliExpress, are there any other shipping solutions ? The answer is YES. There are quite many shipping companies like Superton in China, for example, YunExpress, 4PX are the two most dominating players.

What will be the best shipping solution for Shopify Seller?

Yes, YunExpress, and 4PX, Superton is one of the best shipping companies you can choose from. In all of them, the operation logic is the same. Renting the cargo flight, then consolidate the parcels/packages into a big freight. Ship the consolidated freight to the destination countries, after custom clearance, the freight will be dispatched to a transitional warehouse or sorting center, put a local shipping company label, the last-mile delivery to the customer’s hands will be fulfilled by the local shipping company, like USPS in the USA.

What is YunExpress?

Established in 2014, YunExpress primarily help Chinese company to deliver the e-Commerce parcels from China to other countries, it is know considered one of the best shipping company for shipping the e-Commerce parcel. What YunExpress is very strong at is coverage of countries. Superton does the same job like YunExpress does, however Superton only focus on the USA and Europe market.

What is 4PX?

4X has the longest history compared to emerging and fasting growing e-Commerce shipping companies. 4PX was founded in 2004, initially resell postal service, now 4PX is the direct competitor against YunExpress.

How Fast Is Yun express to the USA?

It mostly takes 13-15 days for a parcel to be delivered to the USA from the YunExpress warehouse to the end user’s door front. For the USA market, Superton is able to match the same delivery time, sometimes can be even faster.

Is YunExpress legit?

Yes, YunExpress is a legit company. And there is rumor saying that YunExpress is going to be a public company soon .

Who delivers Yun Express in USA?

Mostly YunExpress order will be dispatched by USPS.

Is Yun Express fake?

No, it is not fake. It is real company with real service.

Given the delivery time and cost, so far YunExpress, 4PX, Superton will be the best solutions for Shopify seller to ship their products from China .

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