Shopify Warehousing Service in Shenzhen China

Superton is able to provide Shopify warehousing service in Shenzhen China. Running Shopify’s e-Commerce business, one of the keys is inventory management and order delivery/fulfillment which may impact the performance of Facebook ads and Paypal. In the worst scenario, if the delivery failed to match the requirements, you may end up losing your store as well. So if your products were sourced in China, and daily orders are stable, having a warehouse in China to keep the inventory and fast delivery will be very important to grow and sustain your e-Commerce business.

Superton has been working with Chinese Shopify sellers for a long, with all English-speaking service teams in place, we are now open to Shopify owners from other countries. If your situation fits in the following description, we are able to provide free warehousing for 60 days.

  • Minimum 50 orders daily
  • Less than 10 SKU
  • Support API order sync

Of course, all the orders must be shipped by Superton’s shipping service. With Superton’s logistic capacity, your orders can be delivered in multi-choices.

International Express
  • Need quick delivery, 2-5 delivery globally
  • High-value products
  • DHL,UPS,FedEx available
Superton designed and implelmented special line service
  • Stable and 8-12 working days delivery
  • Buyers no need to worry about import tax/duty
  • API automated, order sync, shipping, tracking all in just one click
Virtual Local warehousing/SHIPPING

This concept may sounds bit strange .

What’s actually a virtual local warehousing/shipping. Let me explain why we need this service in the first place.

  • Online shoppers want delivery to be as fast as possible.
  • Online shoppers don’t want products that are made in or shipped from China
  • Domestic delivery will boost conversion rate for sellers
  • Sellers don’t want to keep their inventory outside China or to keep just a minimum inventory in China to minimize the risk of overstock.

Given all logic above, virtual local warehousing/shipping is badly needed. What Virtual Local warehousing/SHIPPING can provide?

  • Fast delivery, 3-7 days delivery ,to the U.S and most west EU countries.
  • Dispatched by local shipping company like UPS,DHL,USPS
  • Sellers keep their inventory in China
  • Cost is still cheaper than international express service.

So if your business needs free warehousing and can be delivered from China, please feel free to contact us

One of our warehouse in Shenzhen China.

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