Where to find products which are cheaper than Aliexpress? Aliexpress alternative

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The following websites or App you can find cheaper products


1688 is the most visited wholesale website for Chinese domestic sellers, and quite many sourcing agents or trading company which helps foreign companies to buy products actually just order the wanted products from 1688 directly. The following video will just tell you the difference or reality in less than 3 minutes.

However, even most of the 1688 sellers are not original manufacture, but the wholesale trading company. Why still purchase from 1688?

  • Small MOQ or support dropshipping
  • Faster customer service than factory
  • Marketing materials
  • Easy communication

Many people may ask why can’t we work with the factory directly? Dealing with the factory is very different from working with a trading company, in most of the cases factory will ask for a big MOQ, because the factory benefits from the economic effect of scale, rather than making a big profit from a single order. Dealing with few wholesalers is way more effective than working with so many small buyers for the factory. This is the basic logic. Other stuff, like marketing materials, customer service is really something not most of the factories are good at. Only deal with factories, you will truly understand what I said above. So in general, so drop shippers or small online shop owners working with a trading company in China is a good choice for the time being.


Pinduoduo is a fast-growing e-commerce company in China, the products are Pinduoduo just as cheap as dirt. In the beginning, no one would ever believe that there gonna be a company to challenge the dominating position of Taobao which is an Alibaba company. But Pinduoduo made it. And now Pinduoduo is going to the wholesale territory. Let see what are the pros and cons of Pinduoduo wholesale.


  • Cheaper
  • Bigger barging space


  • Not as many product as 1688
  • Dropshipping not well supported

Watch the video, the direct comparasion between 1688 and Pinduoduo wholesale


https://www.vvic.com/ is a fashion online fashion wholesale platform that mainly serves the China domestic e-Commerce sellers. It deeply integrates the fashion industry in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shantou. If you were in the fashion industry or garment selling business, this website is worth you spending time on it. With a simple Google translation or search the product you want with pictures, bookmark the ones you want to purchase, then forward to your sourcing agent in China. This may give some advantages in terms of finding the original factory or having a better price.


17zwd.com is almost the same business model which deeply work with the industry cluster . Not only you can have a good price and get closer to the supply chain, but also you can have the first hand marketing materials ,like pictures and videos.

What is different between VICC and 17ZWD is 17ZWD covers more categories. on 17ZWD, you can also find bags, suitcases, shoes. Again, you can only find and choose what you want, it is almost impossible for people who don’t understand Chinese or have a Chinese entity to do business with the sellers.


Yiwugo is a Chinese pinyin saying, which basically means Yiwushopping or Yiwubuying in English. Yiwu, the city is famous for its light industry commodity trade and vibrant market and as a regional tourist destination. Almost everything you want in daily life, you can find in Yiwu. Put it this way, Yiwugo is the mini version of 1688.com. And it is probably even cheaper than 1688 or Aliexpress.

But compared to 1688 or Pinduoduo, those professional online wholesalers, Yiwugou is more like a mixture of Alibaba and Aliexpress. You may find it hard to have good marketing materials and good communication.


Like all websites above, their business is almost the same as each, but Sooxie only sells shoes, also supports drop shipping, you are able to contact the seller or factory directly.


There are actually quite many websites in China like 1688 , and most of them only serve the domestic market, but the price is better and supply is abundant. If you have a good partner in China, no mater it is an individual or trading company,and you can use this resource as a leverage,you may benefit a lot .

Superton as a professional shipping company, we are able to help our clients to coordinate with the right supplier and make the perfect match.

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